Rhea Gandhi
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Bride to be…


“Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy-tale.”

Every woman dreams of this day and certainly wants to look her best.
My personal experience and many other close weddings that I have attended,
I have seldom seen a bride enjoying the wedding while planning, organizing & arranging everything on her own. It’s clearly a very stressful day for the bride to be. People love to force their own ideas and personal experience on the bride. Taking a professional help in this event will make you relax and enjoy the wedding experience.
Consider me as your guide. I will listen to you, get to know you, learn about the type of wedding you are planning, and understand what you want to look like on your wedding day.  I will ask you to share photos of your dream wedding outfit if you have any and gather other information to complete your overall vision. Once I really know you, your style and the ‘look and feel’ of your wedding, I will shape your experience together.
My itinerary will be tailored specifically to you and will ensure you to see exactly what you need to see. If that changes along the way, then we will adjust our plan accordingly.  I help to style the bride on the wedding day to make sure your look is exactly as you envisioned. I begin working with you well in advance, ensuring that everything is set up correctly from the beginning.

My work here is to minimize the chances of going wrong. I will make sure you look stunning on that day.
I begin with an extensive consultation process, where we get to know each other & every element of the fashion story of your wedding, the whereabouts, time frame, additional events etc.
I will arrange a meeting with you, in this meet we will do a detail personality check on what are your personal styles & preferences, knowing your primary style personality helps me to know you better.
The Bridal outfit is the foundation for all of the fashion components for the wedding. I will start with detailed color analysis, i.e. as per your natural coloring i.e. eyes, hair & skin, I will shortlist a color palate. We will have your best colors on hand in terms of tones, shades, vibrancy, glamour, subtleness etc.
After shortlisting the colors, I will be doing your style assessment according to your body shape, size, scale & proportion. We will shortlist a few styles that could be tried upon. Now on wards we shall start our search on wedding outfit depending on your budget & time available. I will accompany you to some pre discussed shortlisted studios, designer stores, shops etc. for your wedding outfit or meet the designer or tailor if need be. With the clarity of best colors & best styles for you we minimize the chances of going wrong with the outfit.
Once the outfit is confirmed we will move on to assembling custom pieces like jewelry, foot wear, accessories to further enhance your outfit and your overall look. When it comes to jewelry, I help you to decide on the type of jewelry e.g. modern, classic, vintage, delicate, grandeur, traditional, according to your physical coloring what color of gold, pearls, diamonds, color stones etc. will suit you the best & complement the bridal outfit, size of jewelry keeping in mind your face shape, overall scale & other physical characteristics.
I will accompany you to meet your makeup artist & hairdo stylist at the trial and make suggestions if needed, I will offer to work together with them on the day of the wedding so that every aspect is under control. My work here will be to help you decide on what style & color of makeup is best for you keeping in mind your skin texture, face shape, positioning of your eyes, cheek bones, shape of your lips etc.
Makeup can be very tricky if not thought upon well, whether you want to look natural, dramatic, subtle, glittery etc. is a personal choice my work her is coordinate with your makeup artist and get the desired look. Besides the makeup what kind of hairdo is best for you depending on your hair length, volume, texture, color etc.?

I will also guide you plan your outfit for any other 2 events pre or post wedding day. From there I offer to help the bride’s mother, the groom, & bridesmaids making sure that all of the fashion is coordinated to complement both your dress and the overall wedding.


  • I will help you to dress and take care of any last minute details, guaranteeing that the look you wanted is carried out flawlessly
  • I will be there with you throughout your formal photography session so there is a trained eye to make sure that everything is perfect


If you’re looking to enjoy a stress-free day at your wedding, reach out to me and let me help you make it memorable.
Since the Bridal package is very personalized, there are no set hours that I can predict and estimate so, I don’t have a set fees structure. I will need to discuss this in person. My Bridal styling fees starts at INR 36,000 onwards.